Lottery players: Beware of Fb lotto fraud

Lottery News - Maine State Lottery warns its lottery players of an potential scam being perpetrated on Facebook. Internet and social media marketing users should be weary of emails and messages claiming they have won a prize. These messages typically encourage the reader to deliver cash or sensitive information such as credit card and bank details. If you comply, you're at great risk of being a victim of id theft.
For instance, a Facebook page/profile named Dan Tim Poulin was created and notified users of the social websites site that they have won a considerable lottery prize. The name being used is that of former lottery games in california Maine Lottery Director Dan Gwadosky and current Deputy Director Tim Poulin. However, officials maintain how the Facebook account is fake.
Players should be reminded that any official state lottery won't ever require these to send money, provide credit card information or banking information to claim a prize. Often, these scams are perpetrated externally the United States including hackers that originated from Africa and Asia.
Lottery players and users who've received most of these solicitations are encouraged to contact Maine State Lottery at (207) 287-3721 or by email at
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